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9. prosince 2008 v 20:07 | |  Spoilery
Na Spoiler TV. Říkají:

Transcript of the 1st video:
Cuddy: Remember when you asked me if I had any kids? I don't, I don't know maybe it has nothing to do with it, but I was good at school, good at work, lousy at life, I screwed up every relationship I ever had and I thought 'why would I want to bring a child into this?'. But then I got older and ... how you feel now will pass, don't let it screw up your whole life.
Girl: It's already screwed up.

Transcript of the 2nd video:
Cuddy: why are you ordering tests in stead of treatment? her heart and liver are about to give up, do whatever you need to.
House: why are you so attached to this girl? (Cuddy looks for an answer but doesn't say anything) It's your call. (House stands up and leaves)
Cuddy: He doesn't want us to treat her.
Wilson: If it's leukemia, even if we kill every cancer cell, her heart and liver are too far gone.
Cuddy: Double transplant-
Wilson: with brain involvement? the commity won't even open the file. There's no reason to put a dying girl through a painful treatment if it can't save her. He's being kind.
Cuddy: I'll arrange a biopsy. (Wilson hands Cuddy the file and she leaves)

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